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How Outlook account issues can be easily fixed by Outlook Customer Service

About Outlook

Outlook has always managed to bring in new features in its mail service which makes it always sustain in this highly competitive market. It has world-class features which make people from all across the world attracted to it. Some of the latest features which Outlook has recently added in its mail service include additional storage facilities for saving sensitive data, customizable web interface, access to mail account in the offline mode, enhanced security features to ensure all the sensitive data are protected in an efficient manner, and also users can easily chat with people who are available online at any point of time and that too free of cost.

Users trying to access the mail account for the first time should ensure that they are connected to the internet web as Outlook is a web-based mail service so requires uninterrupted internet connection. For any further information with regards to the Outlook account users can feel free to connect with the certified technicians via a mode named as Outlook technical support which is available all through the day and all through the year.

All you would like to know about Outlook Customer Service

Users using the best email services will obviously want best after usage services. Such services will be required in case users are facing difficulties in exploring and managing the services of the mail account or are facing other issues and errors with the mail account. Outlook customer service is an effective and legit medium for such people. The services are offered from the highly qualified technicians to resolve any of the technical difficulties in a very short span of time. They have been working hard all through the day and all through the year to offer the solution to any of the issues and errors in the first call itself. Let us now move to the next section of the tutorial to know the kind of issue and error that can be easily resolved from the extremely qualified and skilled technicians.

Issues and errors for which instant solution can be offered from the qualified technicians

Outlook customer service can be used for resolution of numerous issues and queries and users willing to know the same can move down the tutorial to get the consolidated list for the same.

  • Sync the Outlook account with some other mail account
  • Benefits or advantages of using the services of Outlook
  • Recover or reset the password of the Outlook account
  • Installation and configuration of the mail account
  • Compatibility issues with the browser
  • Too much of junk, spam messages in the inbox
  • Adding or removing Signature from the mail
  • Send and receive mails from the account
  • Upgrading the Hotmail account to the newly Outlook account

How to Configure Outlook

  • Start by opening the Outlook.
  • Select the icon of ‘Email Account’.
  • Fill the desired information in the space provided by entering user id and password.
  • Click ‘More Options’ and use ‘SSL' and 'Port 465’ for connection of SMTP.

How To Overcome The Technical Issues Associated To Outlook Account

People who have used Microsoft account in the past can easily create the account with Outlook. If any of you have the account creation problem or want to reset the password for their Outlook account, it can be done easily by just following certain basic steps.

The number of technical difficulties has been resolved by team of Outlook customer service team. Here, you see the resolution to some of the technical bugs:

How to Create Outlook Account?

  • It is first required to go to the Outlook.com sign-up screen of the computer browser.
  • Tap the option to “Create Account” that is located at the top of the screen.
  • There is need to enter the first and last names in the field that has been provided to you.
  • User should mention the preferred username i.e is the part of email address and which comes as prefix before @outlook.com.
  • Select the option of arrow which is located at the far right of the username field. It is basically applied to change the domain from the default outlook.com to hotmail.com when you desired for Hotmail address.
  • User should enter and should re-enter the preferred account password. There is need to choose a password which can be remembered easily and is not difficult for anyone else to remember.
  • You need to enter the birthday in the field provided to you and ensure an optional gender selection when you want to include these kinds of information.
  • There is need to enter the phone number with the alternate email address, it helps the users to keep the account secure.
  • It is required for you to enter the characters by the help of CAPTCHA image.
  • Now, you should click the option of “Create Account”.

If the discussed solution will not be helpful to you, it is required for you to connect with the team of experts. To contact them, you should dial Outlook customer service phone number. After you use it, there is direct opportunity to connect with experts. They will listen to you and help you until the problem will not be fixed quickly.

How to Recover Outlook Password?

  • By using the sign-in screen, it is required for you to enter the Microsoft account name when it will not be shown to you. When there will be multiple accounts on the PC, you should choose one for the reset process.
  • Click the option of “I forgot my password” that is located under the password text box.
  • If you go by the “Recover your account” screen, there is need to enter characters which are shown in the box below “Enter the characters you see”, click the “Next” option.
  • By using the “Verify your identity” screen, there is need to select the option of “receive your security code” either as a text or email message.
  • When the user will select the option of text, it is required for you to enter the last four digits of the phone number.
  • Choose the option of “Send code” and know more about security info and security codes.
  • After you get the code in the form of text or email message on a particular device, you should enter that and click “Next”.
  • From the “Reset your password” screen, there is need to create your new password.
  • Click the “Next” option and it will let you set the new password.
  • Choose the option of “Next” again and should return to the sign-in screen.
  • User should login with your new Microsoft account password.

When any of you will not find the solution satisfactory, it is required for you to connect with a team of Outlook technical support team. The support team will try to understand the cause of the problem and suggest you with some specific resolution. Tech experts will take the remote access of the user’s screen and suggest you with some specific resolution that is quite helpful. There is no fixed time to reach the team of experts, you can contact them anytime if you need help by using the helpline number.

When you want to go for other secondary options to contact Outlook technical support team, live chat and email service are the best options to use. If you go for the live chat option, it is required for you to chat with the live technicians on the other end. Sending you query by email is another option to get instant support, you simply have to email your issue to the tech experts. The individual will get the instant response after that.

How complex of the issues of Outlook account can be easily resolved by Outlook Customer Service Phone Number

Outlook Technical Support Phone Number

The technicians have molded themselves in such a manner that they can resolve any level of complexity that users are facing with their Outlook account within a very short span of time. In order to get a solution to such issues and errors, users can easily connect to them by dialing the 24/7 Outlook customer service phone number. The experts will quickly analyze your issue and offer a solution for any level of complexity via one of the modes from remote assistance, onsite assistance, and live to chat and mail support depending upon location and availability of the technicians at that particular point of time.

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